A Denim Dream by Noortje Palmers

20th April 2017

It is always a treat to meet people who share our love for denim. Antwerp-based photographer Noortje Palmers is one of them. She recently shot a series entitled
Denim Dream‘ just for fun, then decided it would be nice to show her work on our platform as well.

A chat with Noortje.

Daily Dose of Denim: When did you know you wanted to be a photographer? 
Noortje Palmers: I’ve always been very ‘visual’. As a kid, already had a vivid imagination and I was constantly creating things.

When I was 15, I got a weekend job at the local bakery and with the money I earned, I bought my very first digital camera, 3.2 megapixels (!) haha. I used to carry it around with me, to capture moments I didn’t want to forget and to shoot things and people I liked.

DDOD: What is it that keeps photography exciting for you? 
NP: As I didn’t want to restrain myself too much, I chose to get a degree in Graphic Design & Publicity. To this day, I am happy I choose this path and had the chance to specialize in different fields. I believe you can see that my photography was heavily influenced by this.

Taking pictures is one thing, but to be able to create a whole temporary world is the best part of my job. The biggest compliment is when people recognize your ‘signature’.

Being a photographer for me means that I’m constantly seeing images. Even in my dreams, I’m looking for the perfect framing haha.

DDOD: How would you describe your style?
NP: People mostly know me for my use of colour, crazy details or atypical posing.
Last week, I was shooting a young hip hop artist in a bright pink studio. I added an inflatable parrot, an African patterned jacket,… It is great to see that people trust me enough to go with the flow, without knowing what will be the final result of the session.

But not all my pictures are bright and colourful. I like to find the way to capture people at their most natural. Without fringes, not staged, just the real person. For me, those are the most beautiful images.

DDOD: Most people got to know you through your exhibition ‘Girls’. Are there more exhibitions coming up?
NP: I loooove exhibitions! You get the chance to show your own creations and see people react to them, it’s the best. I am currently creating a new series. Without swim caps this time, but still with the same look and colours as the ‘Girls’ series. I’m very curious to see how it will turn out. And who knows, maybe the swim caps will make a return.

DDOD: What’s your link with denim?
NP: For this series, I had spotted the blue walls and automatically linked it to Monica because at that time she was sporting blue hair. I told my stylist Farah about it and she came up with the idea to do an all-denim shoot. That’s how all the pieces stuck together.
For my commissioned work, I often opt for denim when making portraits. It is casual and fun and makes people look good.

For my shoots, I like to use clothing that is too extreme to wear on a daily basis. But my own closet is filled to the top with denim. Blue eyes and denim are a great match!

DenimDream02-NPDenimDream06-NPDenimDream03-NP DenimDream07-NPDenimDream01-NP zonder streep2DenimDream04-NP

All pictures: Noortje Palmers
Check her website for more inspiring visuals.
Styling: Farah El Bastani
Model: Monica Ho