ANTWERP: Savage: Belgium’s first lobster bar

23rd June 2016

Gourmet fast food, where top ingredients are used to create inexpensive comfort fare for everybody, has grown into a raging phenomenon all over the world. In Belgium, we’ve seen the rise of ‘posh’ burgers and hot dogs, but we were still missing a place where you could get New York lobster rolls or Boston lobster chowder. Enter Savage, the first lobster bar in Belgium, located at two steps from the Antwerp Great Market Square. 

Belgium is among the top 5 consumers of lobster in the world. That’s right, our teeny-tiny country apparently can’t get enough of those delicious crustaceans. Victoria and Max, the owners of Savage, are aiming to please those lobster lovers with a menu that includes whole lobster served with corn, lobster chowder with bacon topping and lobster rolls with lemon butter. If you’re not fond of lobster (honestly, who isn’t?), you can grab a gourmet burger or hotdog. And you should definitely try the Bloody Savage, a ‘loaded’ Bloody Mary with a crayfish topping. Victoria told us they will soon be collaborating with microbreweries. For now, you can choose from a great selection of seasonal beers to accompany your food.
DSC_8732DSC_8625DSC_8631DSD_4134DSC_8720At Savage, you don’t have to be embarrased to get down and dirty when enjoying your lobster. When breaking the shell, picking the lobster and snapping of the legs to retrieve the meat, you will get your hands deliciously messy. The sink at the center of the restaurant is there to freshen up. If needed, you can also check the step-by-step guide on how to eat lobster on the wall.

The idea behind the restaurant is that everybody can be at ease and enjoy their meal in a relaxed setting. Design studio Pinkeye did a great job in creating a modern interior with authentic elements like the lobster crates hanging from the ceiling. The restaurants caters to everybody’s needs: you can grab a quick bite at the counter, go for a more relaxed meal at the diner tables or enjoy a meal with a large group of friends at the mezzanine floor.
Kaasstraat 3 – 5
Antwerp (2000)

Wo & Thu: 5pm – 10pm
Fri & Sat: 12pm – 11pm
Sun: 10am – 4pm

Closed on Monday & Tuesday

Pictures by Woodmonkey