Daily Dose of Denim x Laundry Day 2017 streetstyle

9th September 2017

For the 20th edition of Laundry Day, the organisation went full out. The whole concept of the Antwerp festival got a serious update, not only in the look and feel (no more clothespin in the logo!) but also on the festival site. A total of 10 stages were built in a star formation, divided by 200 shipping containers and assuring a great music experience at each stage without the noisy ‘neighbours’.

To top it off, Laundry Day baked the biggest cake in the world, according to the Guiness Book of World Records, and invited everyone 3 days prior to the event to get a piece and a preview of the festival setting.

We enjoyed performances by Warhola, Tout Va Bien, Coely and Bazart at the live stage and did a little dance at TLP’s DJ set at the Casa Bacardi stage. And most of all, we enjoyed seeing so much different denim styles at the festival. We couldn’t have dreamed of a better end of this year’s festival season.

All pictures by Rahvice.

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LD-40LD-39LD-36LD-30LD-38DDOD-LD-9 DDOD-LD-28LD-29LD-20LD-26LD-70LD-33LD-31LD-37DDOD-LD-122DDOD-LD-131


DDOD-LD-83 DDOD-LD-186LD-63LD-3LD-4LD-52LD-49LD-45DDOD-LD-275 DDOD-LD-244 DDOD-LD-214LD-7LD-1LD-5LD-15LD-14LD-19LD-28DDOD-LD-268 DDOD-LD-266 DDOD-LD-295