Denim talks: Mariano Benayas

18th May 2017

Sometimes an encounter with a denim head is so pleasant we just have to share it with you. Meet Mariano Benayas, who was customizing denim a couple of weeks ago in the Pepe Jeans store in Antwerp (and made the first ever Daily Dose of Denim dungarees :-)).

Daily Dose of Denim: Could you introduce yourself?
Mariano Benayas: My name is Mariano, I’m 31 years old and I’m a denim addict from Spain. I am currently living in Madrid and working for Pepe Jeans London as their Custom Studio Project Manager.

DDOD: What is your link with denim?
I’ve always been obsessed with denim, fashion, arts and crafts. When I started working for Pepe Jeans London, I had the opportunity to mix those four fields, becoming an expert in denim customization. Denim is life for me. Not only because I work with it professionally but also when it comes to my own look and lifestyle.

DDOD: How important is denim in your life?
I’m obsessed with it! When I was just a teenager, I found out that it allowed me to express myself. Denim garments are really unique as they evolve with you, age with you and talk louder than words. Denim really has become a self-expression tool and it is also my moneymaker so it is essential in both sides of my life.
DSC_4865DSC_5027DSC_4980DDOD: Why do you think customizing is (still) so popular?
Nowadays, due to globalization and the the incredible amount of brands available, it is almost impossible to be or feel different and to really OWN the clothes you wear.
By adding details here and there, modifying the shape or length of your garment, you can still find a way to be unique. That is why, with denim as a canvas, we can all continue being curators of our own look.

DDOD: Do you spot new technologies or techniques for denim customization?
As I worked for a developer of environmentally friendly finishing technologies for jeans, Jeanologia , I always try to move forward in this field. That’s how I got the job at Pepe Jeans and that is one of our key values: technology meets crafts. That’s why we implemented laser machines in our stores, so customers can add a touch of their personality to  their jeans.

DDOD: What is working at Pepe Jeans like?
MB: Awesome! I’ve had the chance to meet a lot of cool people and incredible professionals. We all learn from each other and work as a solid and united team so working here is very inspiring. DSC_5024
DSC_4929DSC_4909DSC_5302DDOD: How would you describe your personal style?
For me it’s all about the mood. I feel different every day, so I try to express that through my look. I love layering different garments to create new and unexpected looks. Every outfit has a different message underneath but the link is always indigo and fun!

DDOD: Is there a particular denim item in your closet you cherish the most?
MB: The denim jacket I’m wearing now!  I’ve been adding details and stories on it for two years. Every trip is represented on it so it has become a sort of diary full of stories.

DDOD: If you wouldn’t be doing what you do today, what would be your dream job?
I totally love sharing knowledge, being passionate about it and it makes me so proud when I inspire somebody. So my dream job would be to continue training other people in what I love the most : denim.

Pepe Jeans
Kammenstraat 46-48
Antwerp, 2000

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