Getting inked by Denham The Jeanmaker

17th October 2017

Denham The Jeanmaker is one of those brands that holds a special place in our denim hearts. The brand was founded in Amsterdam in 2008 by Jason Denham (what’s in a name), an English jeanmaker who is passionate about making the best quality denim out there.

What we like about Denham is that the brand manages to combine a passion for innovation while honouring tradition. They use fabrics from the world’s best mills in Italy and Japan and obsess about details. The scissor logo, for example, embroidered on each pair of Denham jeans, is meticulously crafted from 691 stitches.

Last week, Denham traded their needle and thread for tattoo needles and organised their first in-store live tattoo event. The concept is simple: you drop by the store, choose from a set of flash tattoos and get it tattood (for free) on your body within 20 minutes. Cool, right?
To honour the craftmanship of the brand, they asked the best of the best to ink the denim lovers present: Brabo’s Hand Tattoo Shop.

Below are some shots we snapped at the event. Be sure to check the video as well!