HNST: world’s most honest jeans

27th March 2018
Spring is here and it announces something pretty exciting for Belgian fashion. Tom Duhoux and his team were able to create a pair of jeans that uses up to 6000 liters less water compared to traditional jeans. On top of that, the yarn made to weave the fabric was made of 50% recycled denim. This is how HNST brings to life their circular economy vision.
You were able to follow part of the HNST journey through this platform (here) but now the first collection is a fact. Last week, master mind Tom and his designer Ellen Robinson presented us with 3 jeans for women (skinny, boyfriend and vintage), 3 jeans for men (slim, straight and tapered), a denim jacket for men and dungarees for women.

Every item has a timeless design and has been made with an eye for detail, such as the stitched H on the left leg, the tagline (‘you can handle the truth’) next to the zipper and a different colour of stitching for every style.

You can check the full collection and shop your favourite style right here.

HNST Jeans - Launch-1 HNST Jeans - Launch-6HNST Jeans - Launch-7

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