Ru Denim: denim is freedom

17th May 2015

On a sunny afternoon in Amsterdam, we met up with 2 young men who are at the verge of launching Ru Denim, a Dutch denim brand with roots in Brazil. Meet Ruann and Redouan.

Ru Denim is brand new to the denim world, could you tell us more on how it came about?
I’ve always been into denim, ever since I was a kid. I studied graphic design but I was always more into fashion. I clearly remember Evisu being the ‘it brand’ when I was a student but I didn’t have the money back then to afford a pair of their jeans. That’s when I started thinking about creating jeans myself.
About 2 years ago, I started turning the hobby of making jeans into a real business.
I used to go to the same school as Ruann, but I never really knew him because he was a few years older than me and used to hang with the cool kids, while I was a rather shy. One day, we met through mutual friends during a Summer BBQ and we ‘clicked’. The idea to create Ru Denim came later, we were friends before we became business partners.

What are your roles in Ru Denim?
I’m in charge of the whole creative process, I’m the craftsman. I’m currently studying at the Amsterdam Jean School to improve my technical skills.
And I’m responsible for strategy and PR. I still have a day job on the side, though. Someone once told me ‘You need to work to earn money and when you’re not working, you need to chase your dreams.’ That’s exactly where I am right now.

How will Ru Denim be different to other denim brands?
Ruann: I am convinced that life, just like a book, is divided into chapters. We want Ru Denim to reflect that philosophy.
I moved from Brazil to The Netherlands when I was 10 years old; that moment was the end of my first life chapter. I am currently at a point in my life where I found my passion and want to turn it into a thriving business.
For us, denim is about freedom and personality, we want to help people to find their passion and to achieve their goals.
Our first collection is called Chapter Amsterdam. We want to create a different project for every city; for now, we are focusing on speed reading. We are creating an e-book on that as we speak.

Could you tell us what we might be able to expect from you in the future? More fits perhaps?
It is true that we are focusing on only 2 fits for men for the moment: the Slim Type 1 and the Slim Type 2, made of blue black raw denim. Prices range around €190. Our samples are in and we are ready to start production. We are aiming to launch this June in Amsterdam.
Ruann: We don’t mind being small now but we want to become big on the long-term. We are looking at Brazil to develop our brand. Although import costs are enormous in Brazil, we really think that’s where the future of Ru Denim lies.