Switching moods with WE Fashion

13th August 2017

For a couple of years now, WE Fashion has been focusing on offering a quality denim brand for men, women and kids under the name of Blue Ridge.
This year, they opened the first Blue Ridge store in Amsterdam (the WE Blue Store), giving men a next level shopping experience when choosing their perfect pair of jeans.

The range of fits and washings is expanding each season, gathering a bigger fan base every year. Whether you like regular fits or super skinny jeans, in vintage or dark washing, WE Fashion got you covered.

To give you an idea of the variety of styles you can create with the Blue Ridge collection, we followed Antwerp-based architect Yannick around and pick the items suitable for a business meeting, a day at work and a Sunday walk to clear his head and get the creativity flowing. This is the result.

WEFashion2 WEFashion1 WEFashion3 WEFashion4 WEFashion5
WEFashion7 WEFashion9 WEFashion10

Yannick is wearing:

Look 1 – pictures 1 & 2
All items: WE Fashion
Trench: here
Blazer: here
Knit: here
Tee: here
Skinny Tapered Super Stretch Jeans: here
Bag: model’s own

Look 2 – pictures 3, 4 & 5
Denim shirt: here
Sneakers: here

Look 3 – pictures 6, 7 & 8
Cargo jacket: here
Knit: here
Tee: here
Jeans: here
Sneakers: here

Thanks Charlie’s Antwerp for the cappuccinos.