The journey of HNST, world’s most circular jeans

9th January 2018

In 2016, people around the world bought more than 80 billion items of clothing and these items are increasingly considered to be disposable. So when we don’t like them anymore, we’re tossing them away to make room for other items. No need to say this behavior has a negative impact on the environment and that we need to rethink the long-term effects of fast fashion on our planet.

The denim industry makes up a big part of fashion and is one of the most polluting industries in the world. The industry is global and far-flung, because no less than 16 industries are involved, from cotton growers to dyers and cutters.

Enter Tom Duhoux, who recently started his own denim label HNST and wants to produce world’s most sustainable denim. His brand will produce jeans that is made of 50% re-used denim and 50% Tencel©, a biodegradable fabric made of wood pulp. The yarn is produced in Belgium and the jeans will be produced in Europe. Every piece will be made with respect for the four principles of circular economy.

HNST started collecting old jeans throughout Flanders in September and harvested nearly 5000 pairs. So far, the prototypes have been created, designed by Ellen Robinson (Lee, Bellerose) and soon the first HNST collection will be launched, consisting of 3 jeans for men and women, a dungaree and denim jacket.

If you want to follow the journey of HNST, be sure to check the website and the Instagram page.