Upside Down: lost in the world, down on my mind

8th September 2016

In case you didn’t notice, there is a bit of metal and rock ‘n’ roll running through streetwear culture these days. Lately, hip hop has developed a fascination with rock-inspired pieces and developed a style of its own combining these pieces with sneakers and sportswear.

A couple of months ago, Kanye West was spotted wearing a custom-made denim jacket, clad with marker writings and designs. The one-of-a-kind jacket was made by Australian artist Pauly Bonomelli, who quickly gained popularity when the likes of A$AP Rocky, A$AP Nast and West started wearing his designs. The artist takes his cues from everything ranging from heavy metal to The Simpsons and puts all of it together in a way that results in cohesive creations.

Belgium has his own Bonomelli, who goes by the name of Davy Denduyver, founder of the ‘Lost In The World‘ brand. The recently graduated graphic designer takes his inspiration from personal events, daily life and music. He started his streetwear label 4 years ago and is still growing strong.

His latest project, Upside Down, was the one that caught our eye. Davy takes basic or vintage items and turns them into unique pieces by bleaching, hand-dyeing or painting them.
The vintage Levi’s jacket he customized for Daily Dose of Denim took 2 hours and a couple of markers to make.

Want your own Upside Down jacket or sneakers? All items are one-of-a-kind and for sale right here.
Or get in touch with Davy for custom orders:
ddod-faisal-8ddod-faisal-19 ddod-faisal-15 14285452_10210429766247260_1374043970_oddod-faisal-12 ddod-faisal-10 ddod-faisal-6ddod-faisal-14 ddod-faisal-17Davy made this customized jacket for Belgian DJ and producer Faisal. Born in a musical family (his father used to be a soul and funk DJ back in the 70s and his older brother can also be found behind the decks), Faisal is quickly making a name for himself in the scene. He started out 4 years ago as a producer, got his first gig on Belgian radio station Studio Brussel and has his own show now on Saturday evening, offering the best in hip hop, soul and funk. At the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards last year, he came in third as best DJ. It is safe to say that the boy is on a roll.

You can catch him on September, 16 at the ‘Faisal Invites’ night at Klub Goud, where the pictures below were taken. More info here.
ddod-faisal-26 ddod-faisal-34ddod-faisal-33ddod-faisal-30ddod-faisal-20ddod-faisal-25Thank you lovely people at Antwerp Tower for letting us use your place for this shoot.
The tower is open for one more month – check here for details.